Philips M3/M4 Patient Monitors

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The M3/M4 Compact Portable Patient Monitor is a small, light patient monitor offering a flexible monitoring solution to suit a broad spectrum of monitoring needs.

The monitor works together with the M3001A2 Multi-Measurement Server (MMS) and the M3012A/M3015A/M3016A Measurement Server Extensions to give you standard-of-care measurements.

Measurement Features 

• Patient demographics, measurement data and trends, acquired and stored in the MMS, can be

transferred to the M-Series (M3/M4)3 and Philips IntelliVue (MP60/MP70/MP90) patient monitors.

• EASITM-derived 12-lead ECG4 using a 5-electrode cable set.

• Multi-lead Arrhythmia.

• Up to 3 channels of ECG with basic Arrhythmia and ST Analysis capability.

• FAST-SpO2 measurement, using Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology, for accurate performance even with low perfusion.

• Respiration, Non-invasive and Invasive Blood Pressure, and Temperature measurements.

• Mainstream or Sidestream CO2, a second Invasive Blood Pressure and Temperature measurements,

and enhanced Arrhythmia capability, available optionally.

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