Siemens Mobilett HP Plus

The Siemens Mobilett HP Plus is an advanced x-ray machine that suits the radiology needs of small and medium size hospitals.

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Siemens MOBILETT Plus HP Mobile X-Ray, with remote switch

Siemens MOBILETT Plus HP Mobile X Ray. The advanced analog x-ray machine provides a dual power source for radiation exposure, providing the option to operate the unit by battery or standard power connection.

The compact, lightweight design and the battery — assisted motor-drive of the MOBILETT Plus HP, ensures ease of transport to any location. The long-reaching, cable-free, counter-balanced swivel arm coupled with Siemens’ patented turnplate, which enables 360 degree pivot, allows for fast and easy positioning. In addition, the MOBILETT Plus HP offers high radiographic output, enabling short exposure times to reduce motion artifacts.

“The MOBILLET line, which was introduced in 1982, has established a legacy, offering a combination of compactness, ease of operation, economy and high performance,” stated Brian Hilgers, division manager, Special Products Division, Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. “These features permit use of the MOBILETT Plus HP in a wide variety of environments including intensive care units, emergency room, pediatric and neonatal wards, as well as operating theaters and radiology departments.” The MOBILETT Plus HP stems from a long line of MOBILETT products. While each product has been designed to meet specific circumstances, all the products offer effortless positioning and consistently produce precise, reliable exposures at a much higher power rating than most competing mobile units.


• all digital controls

• x-ray output 40-133 Kv, 0.5 – 280 MaS

• x-ray head rotates, swivels and angles

• fully adjustable collimating

• operates from either built in rechargeable batteries or while plugged into wall power

• can be used in ICU, Coronary care, neonatal (short exposure times 1ms), burn, surgery, pediatrics, ER

• maximum output is 20 kW at 102 Kv, 100 MS

• built in battery charge meter

• Battery charge level display


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