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Sony UPDF500 (UP-DF500) Dry Film Imager

Space saving design

The FILM STATION™ incorporates an innovative printing mechanism, which allows the unit to be oriented vertically when space is limited or the unit must be integrated into your CT or MRI control center. In this orientation, the FILM STATION™ has one of the smallest footprints in its class at 688 x 251 mm, thus taking up less space than other film images

Superior image reproduction, clear and accurate.

The FILM STATION™ incorporates Sony direct thermal-printing technology, which enables photo-quality prints to be reproduced with a high resolution of 12bit and 320 dpi.

High speed printing

The FILM STATION™ reproduce images at a rate of up to 70 sheets of film per hour on 354 x 430 mm (14 x 17 inch) thermal film. A throughput of 130 sheets per hour can be reached with a second print engines, available soon.

Reliable printing process, proven technology

By combining a newly developed thermal printing head and an improved PQC (Picture Quality Control) feature into Sony’s proven thermal printing technology, diagnostic images can be reproduced clearly and accurately. The Sony UPT-517BL Blue Thermal Film has been especially designed for use with the FILM STATION™ to provide high-contrast and high-density images with higher durability.

Environmental friendly process

The FILM STATION™ is based on Sony dry-processing technology, which does not use liquid chemicals or heavy metals such as silver on thermal film. This frees you from the hassle of disposing of chemical or industrial waste. In addition, Sony thermal film is highly environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use chemicals such as an alcohol.

Ease in use and in maintenance

A supplied cart with rollers is available for easy maintenance when the unit is installed vertically. The film feeder tray is equipped with a tray stop so that when the tray is slid out of the imager, it does not come out completely making it much easier to refill at daylight. To refill the imager, simply slide the tray out, open a part of the cover, and place up to 125 sheets of film in the tray. A variety of data, such as gamma curve and sharpness settings, can be stored in a removable flash memory card for backup purposes. Self-diagnosis data can be automatically sent to the designated service center when an error is detected


The Sony UPDF500 (UP-DF500) FILMSTATION™ reproduces highly precise diagnosis images on 354 x 430 mm (14 x 17 inch) Sony Blue Thermal Film at a rate of 70 sheets per hour. The innovative printing mechanism allows a vertically orientation of the unit. This is ideal when space is limited or the unit must be integrated in the CT or MRI control centre. In addition, the FILMSTATION™ has a DICOM compliant network capability, enabling to easily print images from the modalities connected to the DICOM Network.

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